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Strathalbyn Businesses

Strathalbyn has a diverse range of businesses, from those that provide goods & services to locals and the primary production sector to those involved in the tourism industry.  Strathalbyn is also known for its quality tradespeople, land services and building industries.

Strathalbyn & Lakes Tourist Association  (SLTA)

The SLTA aims to:

  • Promote and develop tourism for the prosperity of Strathalbyn and surrounding districts.
  • Foster civic pride in Strathalbyn and surrounding districts as befitting its natural beauty and resources.
  • Encourage tourism development which is in harmony with, preserves and enhances the environment and lifestyle of Strathalbyn and the surrounding districts.
  • Initiate publicity, activities, raising of funds and all things whatsoever designed to achieve the previously stated objects and to give Strathalbyn and surrounding districts national and international tourism prominence.

The SLTA is responsible for running the monthly Strathalbyn Market,  the Strathalbyn Antique Fair, producing the Town Map & Brochure, managing the Local Business Database and Newsletters, running several of the town noticeboards and operating the Visit Strathalbyn facebook page.  The SLTA is also the custodian of the Strathalbyn – A Secret Worth Sharing brand and the owner of this website.

The SLTA, in conjunction with the Strathalbyn Inter-Church Council, runs the Strathalbyn Christmas Pageant as part of Christmas Where the Angas Flows, which is held on the last day of school every year.

Membership of the SLTA is open to anyone interested in the promotion of the Strathalbyn district for tourism, community and business purposes. Current members come from a mix of local business operators and interested community individuals.

The SLTA’s contact details are:

Postal Address: PO Box 255, Strathalbyn SA 5255

To list on this Website

To have your business or organisation listed on this website, please contact info@slta.asn.au.

Only businesses with an ABN and operating from the Strathalbyn district will be considered.  Please use the same email address to request amendments.

To receive local Tourism & Business News

To receive regular e-newsletters on tourism and business matters from the SLTA, please subscribe here.  We now have approximately 250 subscribers, so don’t miss out on what is happening locally!

Regional Development Association Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island

The RDA AH, F & KI is a partnership between the state and local governments to support the growth and development of Australia’s regions, from an economic, environmental and social perspective.  The SLTA recommends businesses subscribe to the RDA AH, F & KI to receive business-related news and workshop updates.  The RDA AH, F & KI can also be followed on social media.  For further details, please refer to their website.

Business Advice & Legislation Updates

For information on key changes that affect business operators, please go the websites of the Office of Consumer and Business Services or the Small Business Commissioner South Australia.

Regional Development Australia Murraylands & Riverland has a free business advisory service located in Murray Bridge.  Some advisory services have been extended to the Strathalbyn area, please visit their website for further information.

Alexandrina Council

The Alexandrina Council has a business section on their website, which includes growth statistics and links to broader business bodies.

There are a number of buildings in Strathalbyn that are affected by heritage controls.

The historical fabric of Strathalbyn requires detailed planning for car parking, exterior signage & colours, alfresco dining, grease traps (relevant food businesses), customer access, waste disposal and landscaping, and can affect the capacity for both external and internal changes.

For those planning on starting a new businesses in Strathalbyn, please see the Planning and Development section on Council’s website, and  speak to both a Development Officer-Planning and a Development Officer-Building at the outset. Persons planning on selling food are also encouraged to discuss their proposal with Council’s Environmental Health Officers.  Click here for Council’s contact details.

Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism

Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism is funded by local and state governments to promote the region and support the regional tourism industry. The organisation regularly releases e-newsletters to regional tourism operators and manages the regional Fleurieu Peninsula website. Contact and subscription details for FPT can be found by clicking here.

Events & Business Updates on Facebook

Social media is a great way to get your event known or share what is happening with your business.

The following facebook pages provide opportunities to share local business news:


The following facebook pages promote local events:

Events on Calendars

It is recommended that associations/clubs/ businesses contact Alexandrina Council to have tourism-related events listed on their visitor-based website.  Regional-level events can also be displayed on the Fleurieu Peninsula Tourism website.  However, for businesses to have their information on this website they will need to be registered with the  Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW). This website also links to information on all five visitor information centres in the area, including the Strathalbyn Visitor Information Centre.

Businesses in the hospitality field are particularly encouraged to monitor these calendars and relevant facebook pages, so that staffing levels can meet the demands of tourist influxes.  The Council also loads Monthly Events listings to their website, and the Strathalbyn Visitor Information Centre manages a  three month listing of Strathalbyn events, which are both beneficial for forward planning and checking if another event is being run at the same time.  Contact cintraamos@bigpond.com  to receive the three month events spreadsheet or to get your event included.