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Strathalbyn Tourism Association

The Strathalbyn Tourism Association aims to:

  • Promote and develop tourism for the prosperity of Strathalbyn and surrounding districts.
  • Foster civic pride in Strathalbyn and surrounding districts as befitting its natural beauty and resources.
  • Encourage tourism development which is in harmony with, preserves and enhances the environment and lifestyle of Strathalbyn and the surrounding districts.
  • Initiate publicity, activities, raising of funds and all things whatsoever designed to achieve the previously stated objects and to give Strathalbyn and surrounding districts national and international tourism prominence.

The Strathalbyn Tourism Assoc is responsible for running the Strathalbyn Antique Fair, the Strathalbyn Treasure Market, producing the Town Map & Brochure, managing the Local Business Database and Newsletters and is the custodian of the Strathalbyn – A Secret Worth Sharing brand and the owner of this website. The Association is a key stakeholder in the Kenny Blake Festival of Motorcycling and provided funds for the development of this unique event.

Membership of the Association is open to anyone interested in the promotion of Strathalbyn for tourism, community and business purposes. Current members come from a mix of local business operators and interested community individuals.

The Association’s contact details are: