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Strathalbyn is a beautifully scenic area to learn to fly, or to just take a helicopter flight, microlight flight or to sky-dive. To celebrate a special anniversay, or if you are visiting Strathalbyn and looking for something different to do, contact Southcoast Helicopters.

The Strathalbyn Airfied on Angas Plains Rd is a well-known base for “air enthusiasts”, and includes the following operators:

Our Strathalbyn District Map, highlights the locations of our aviation businesses.

Aviation Events

night glowThe aviation industry is showcased bi-annually at the colourful and family-friendly Strathalbyn Ballooning and Aviation Regatta.

This is a fantastic event that raises money for charity and attracts more than 10,000 people to town. The Regatta has aviation activities during the day, and a not to be missed Night-Glow in the evening, where the balloons are ‘fired’ at night and glow to music.